TOSS Sports is working with a primary aim to motivate, educate, nurture & groom children to pursue sports as a profession as well as counter health hazards by promoting, developing & building sports culture as a day to day environment.To keep the interest intact the programs & activities shall be supervised by Professionally & Technically qualified coaches & National Level Players. Sports now are not just waste of time but


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P.T.Usha (Olympic Athelete)

I am very happy to know that TOSS Sports is going to launch sports and fitness management firm. I am sure it will be going to serve the purpose of upcoming youngsters basic facilities to get trained under the able guidance of specialist coaches in various disciplines. We, the whole world knows that sportspersons are the true citizens of the country and they can look after the mankind without any caste, creed, color and religion. With the true sportsman spirit, they will be able to lead a good life without any failure in life. I extend my all the best and good wishes to TOSS Family.

R.P.Singh (Cricketer)

Sports in schools is very important. It helps kids to improve in every direction, maintain fitness and inculcates sportsman spirit in children from very young age. Main focus of team “TOSS Sports” is to improve kids fitness and sports skills. People working in TOSS Sports are very capable and having themselves played sports professionally they understand the challenges and hardships faced by sportspersons in everyday life. This understanding will help them mentor the young talent better. My best wishes to “TOSS Sports”

Vijender Singh (Oylmpic Medalist in Boxing)

It is heartening to know that sports and fitness management firm is going to launch “TOSS Sports” to promote sports among school children and provide them technical knowledge of different games and sports. I firmly believe that it will have a far reaching positive consequences to develop sports culture among school children hitherto ignored earlier. Sports in school children is of paramount importance and we may unearth the little gems from this particular scheme. I wish best of luck to the team of TOSS Sports.

J.S.Bhatia (Dronacharya Awardee)

I am delighted to learn that Sports & Fitness Management firm “TOSS Sports” is coming into existence to teach nuances of different games to school children. The children are the backbone of the society and future asset in terms of building nation and bringing glory in terms of sports. They have been neglected so far but meticulously planned training in sports to them will certainly give fruitful results. I wished them future success.

Mithali Raj (Ex-Captain of Indian Women’s Cricket Team)

New venture TOSS Sports firm first-of-itskind in the state sporting culture must be introduced and inculcated at a very early stage in child's life and schools are the best platform. Not only is playing any sports at India level is now a lucrative career but also benefit of sports are several from character building to health etc. Schools are a hub of talent, TOSS Sports initiative gives the required platform for young children to horn their skills. It’s a wonderful initiative and I wish team TOSS the very best in this endeavor.

Sandeep Singh (Olympian in Hockey)

A Very commendable report of TOSS Sports to develop sports culture among the school going children. Catch them young has always been the lookout of sports gurus. TOSS will create the right environment to facilitate sports learning for children who want to excel in the game of their choice and develop right skills, coordination and game sense. I wished them success in their endeavors.

Rajiv Mishra (Group Sports Editor – ITV Network)

The new sports venture toss launched to promote sports culture and fitness management in schools is not only in novel but Nobel as well children are generally deprived of sports facilities and such venture will definitely provide impetus to their cause I've traveled worldwide and seeing lots of sport consulting companies but I'm delighted to see such unique concept being launched as toss will surely be beneficial for children my best wishes to entire team of 10